At The Vacation Station, you will find quality vacations at a variety of the world’s premier resort areas. We pride ourselves by giving you exciting options, at wholesale prices, through our simple reservation system.

At The Vacation Station we service thousands of members who want to take multiple vacations over their lifetime, therefore we are able to commit large blocks of space at most of the world’s premier resort destinations. A small amount of inventory may come from our own member base who own time-share weeks.

Since our reservation system is based on supply and demand our inventory is   always changing, even on a weekly basis. Vacation Weeks average $299.00 to $1299.00 per week depending on size and season. You now have two options for booking your condo. First, you can click on the Condo button to the left and get immediate availability. If you don't see what you are searching for, you can follow the procedure below.

We have created our resort search system to allow you to choose the areas you would like to visit as well as the number of bedrooms and the time of year, be it prime or  low demand season. You simply submit this information on your Vacation Voucher and send it in with proper notice and we will find you the nearest match for your request from our inventory of top destinations. To best serve you, please allow ample time for us to shop our resort affiliates for your special request. These areas are not usually on the computer and take many phone calls and negotiations to get you the best rate possible.

You need to submit your request a minimum of 90 days prior to vacation and in the case of holidays and special events, 180 days prior to the vacation.


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